RootMaker® Propagation

RootMaker® Propagation

  • First and most critical step toward creating a fibrous root system.
  • Non-circling fibrous roots allow for rapid establishment following transplanting.
  • Greater root tip surface area means greater efficiency in water and nutrient absorption.
  • Promotes horizontal root branching.
  • Available Sizes: 18-Cell, 32-Cell, 60-Cell, 105-Cell. All fit in 1020 Lightweight Mesh Flat.
  • RootMaker® Express 18 is an Injection-Molded 18-Cell Propagation Tray that holds individual cells.

RootMakers® are designed to direct roots into openings in the container. The first root to reach an opening is usually the tap root. When this occurs, the tip dehydrates and stops growing and secondary roots form that are horizontal in growth habit. These secondary roots are dehydrated and create additional root branching.

Above Picture: Same age blueberries grown in 32-Cell RootMakers® (left) and standard tray (right). Notice the massive size difference. 

For best results, we recommend using RootMaker® propagation trays on top of a wire bench or other support that allows airflow, 18 to 24” above the floor to allow good air circulation and thus efficient air-root pruning on all sides of the container,
not just the bottom.

Above Picture: Left, oak in standard plug. Right, Oak in RootMaker® 18 Cell, 20 days after germination. 

RootMaker® propagation containers can be filled with a mix of peat and perlite 40/60, or pine bark, peat and perlite at 50/30/20 by volume. Add 1.0 pound of Micromax® micro-nutrients, 3 pounds of dolomite, and 6 pounds of Osmocote® 18-6-12 (no substitutes) per cubic yard of mix.

The length of time in RootMaker® propagation containers varies, depending on the plant, but it is typically between 2 to 4 months.

Above Picture: Root system created by RootMaker® Express Propagation Container. 

RootMaker® products are considered the premier fibrous root production tool by leading nurseries around the world. RootMaker® containers have been designed to provide maximum air-root pruning. The benefits of a fibrous root system are proving to be tremendous for ANY plant from vegetables to trees, whether organically grown or with standard commercial practices. Increased root surface area equals increased plant efficiency. 

Above Picture: Courtesy of Leu Gardens, Orlando, FL. "Both plants are the same variety (ornamental cabbage 'Crane Bicolor') and were grown side by side: one in RootMaker® trays (left), the other in a conventional 24 cell tray (right). Same soil, light, water, fertilizer." --- Robert E. Bowden, Executive Director, Leu Gardens.

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