RootTrapper® Containers

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RootTrapper® Containers

A Cool, Water Conserving Container that Shows Off Your Plants

RootTrapper® containers have several distinct advantages over other fabric containers.

  • RootTrapper® containers are cool. The white sidewall reflects heat. Temperatures against the inside wall of a RootTrapper® are 20 to 25 degrees cooler compared to a black plastic pot.
  • RootTrapper® containers are so cool, they allow roots to survive against the sidewall even when exposed to full sunlight.
  • RootTrapper® containers conserve water three ways:
      1. Cooler root zone temperatures reduce water lost to evaporation. With conventional black plastic pots, approximately 80% of water required is lost due to evaporation.
      2. Slow water exit. Water slowly seeps out hundreds of holes around the container. By slowing the rate at which water exists the container, absorption of water by mix particles increases.
      3. Fine, fibrous roots throughout the container growth medium extract every last drop of moisture.
        • Reduced evaporation means less salt buildup. All waters contain some salts, accumulated salts interfere with root functions and prevent full utilization of water present.
        • RootTrapper containers show off your plants. Contrast between the white container sidewall and leaves and flowers is dramatic. RootTrappers® make every plant look good.
        • Tough and durable. Can be used year after year.
        • Available in all sizes, 1-Gallon to 60-Gallon.

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