RootMaker® 8M Container Fertilizer - 10 lbs.

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17-7-14 + Micronutrients - RootMaker slow release fertilizer for container production and growth. Bags available in 10 lbs. only.

We suggest RootMaker slow release production formula to support plant growth for 6 to 8 months when incorporated at 10 to 12 pounds per cubic yard. The only other nutrient supplement need is Dolomite Lime with the rate dependent on chemistry of your irrigation water. If your irrigation water contains 75 ppm calcium or more add NO dolomite. If your irrigation water contains less than 40 ppm calcium, we suggest adding 6 to 8 pounds dolomite per cubic yard. These suggestions are based on decades of research. Adding more dolomite beyond these suggestions is unlikely to provide benefits and may restrict growth.